The show "Sound and light"

"Ledenika" cave is the most popular and most visited cave in the country.

Inside the cave are presented audio and light choreography. Light performance combined with specially selected music is highlighted in separate rooms.



Amusement module "Ledeniche" is a model of the most interesting cave organism in Ledenika – The light hater

The figure is in three-dimensional children's cheerful format similar to cartoon characters.The entire structure is illuminated.


Mom, Dad, and we

The sports and entertainment module "Mom, Dad, and we" is located on the left of the cave entrance and 50 meters from the building of ‘’The Bat’’.

It includes rope structures, wooden structures and atarktsioni type Via feratta - movable type playground.


The Bat

Educational / interpretive module "Bat" is , located at the entrance of the cave and it was renovated.

The form of a ‘’Bat’’ is preserved , but in a more attractive way. Inside is a modern projection room and  a 5D cinema with an audio and video simulator, in which will be broadcast films with diverse themes.


The Fabulous alley

The fabulous alley with an amphitheater is an alley with dolls - known fairy tale characters and a theater outdoors.

The attraction is designed for the youngest visitors, they will be able to meet and touch their favorite fairy tale characters, where there will be held events of different nature.



Tourist route Vratsa – Ledenika

The route represents a trail that passes through the most attractive of the nature landscape and perspective areas of the region. Along are various facilities and elements that contribute to its attractiveness, ease the transition, provide information or opportunity to rest.



Happening in Park Ledenika